Samstag, 23. Mai 2015

drawing challenge: Frida

daily project

There was a time I used to shave the skin/hair between my brows to grow them.
Not because I wanted to look like Frida Kahlo but like a werewolf.
(I read somewhere monobrows are a sign of werewolfs).

Today I am a painter.

Please, look for Frida at the fabulous destiny of Patrice!


  1. :) probably you would have been a quirky werewolf dear Stefanie, but i do like you more being a quirky, great painter.
    wonderful drawing, very intimate, love her lipstick and the shadows, xx

  2. Oh, that I did not know about werewolfs and monobrows
    but the connection is clear now that I know..and your drawing is string and fascinating, thank you xo Leena

  3. haha.... i didn't know that
    about the monobrow and werewolfs
    but they suit you
    both ;^)))

    i am glad that you are a painter
    and a strong one
    like Frida

    thank you for joining!

  4. your drawing has a feeling of tenderness that touches my heart.
    fun that you got your hair to grow where you wished it.

  5. I caught your drawing on flickr this morning and noticed the Frida-Friday title which instantly made me smile!
    I love your daily projects!

  6. Listen, Stefanie, you are not a painter, (you're beyond a painter) you're a creative mind. because you do not stay in the paint. You always go one step further.
    I liked your idea! (I think I already said here: art and humor is a combination that I like a lot)
    I congratulate you !!!!!!!!!! Nice weekend

  7. hab ich schon mal gesagt, dass du super bist?
    du bist super.

  8. hee hee... i'm in your field, for lazy reasons, i just don't like to tweak eyebrow hairs. frida certainly showed us how to love the monobrow. n♥

  9. Tja, was man sich so denkt, zu sein, zu werden. Und was man dann ist. Und was man wird... Auf den Wandel.
    Viele Grüße von Lucia

  10. you didn't? did you... this makes me smile so much. and I have thought to be the only one. actually, you couldn't become anything else but an artist! xo annton


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